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born in 1961, cook for passion

As a child I went around with "Grandma Duck's manual" under my arm and my favorite game was "dolceforno"; as a teenager I started cooking for my parents who worked late: simple recipes from Lombard cuisine which still today contain the aromas and flavors of my childhood... and I continued to do so while I continued my studies in languages. Since then my way of cooking has undergone great evolutions thanks to the countless courses I have followed in Italy and in every place in the world I have visited (I am lucky enough to count prestigious chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Sergio Barzetti among my "teachers"), and the fortuitous meeting with internationally renowned doctors, such as Dr Franco Berrino or Dr Attilio Speciani, who, with their studies on the connection between food and well-being, have unknowingly revolutionized my way of cooking by making me combine tradition, pleasure and lightness.


I recently picked up the books again and am studying as a "nutrition consultant", to apply the concept of "health" to everyday cooking with greater knowledge.

Since 2017 I have been collaborating with Le Cesarine , an extraordinary network of chefs located throughout the national territory, which promotes made in Italy food and the traditions of our if you are not in Milan nor on Lake, take a look at the site to find other passionate people like me who will be happy to open their homes and transfer all their knowledge to you (

With this splendid network I have expanded my experiences: not only events, home restaurants and cooking classes, but also special events, including:

- an episode of "Italia a morsi" (broadcast on foodnetwork, digital channel 33): a journey into the homes of the Cesarine in every corner of Italy

- collaboration with the magazine "cotto e Mangia" for which we edited some recipe columns

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From 2011 to 2024 I had a small restaurant in the center of Ibiza, where customers appreciated my tasty Italian cuisine.


In Milan I had a restaurant with a "shop" for a short time which stood out for the quality and lightness of its preparations


To supply the shop, for years I have scoured the Italian territory in search of "good" products made by artisans who try to safeguard tradition and quality with great commitment, peculiarities that I try to convey in my recipes.

I love to define myself as a "food maker" because I like studying, experimenting, cooking, discovering new ingredients and combinations to combine tradition with health and innovation.

I share my home with two dogs: a very sweet 9-year-old golden retriever and an exuberant mixed-breed puppy who is learning to party less. If you have allergy or fear problems, let me know and I will transfer them to allow you to live the experience peacefully

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Italia a Morsi
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Cotto e Mangiato
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