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Cooking Courses

Cooking courses are a time to meet and chat around the work table. Pleasant hours spent learning, but also laughing, tasting new foods, sipping good wine and meeting people from all over the world.

Almost every day at 10.30 a cooking class of around 4.5 hours starts and takes place with a good welcome coffee while you sip some homemade coffee.

We move to the work table where we begin to make fresh egg pasta, followed by the filling for the "ricotta spinach" ravioli; we continue with the preparation of the "real" carbonara (the veggie version is available for those who don't eat pork or meat in general) which will be the subject of a break together with a good glass of wine (to be honest the wine is unlimited and you can drink as much as you want).

Back at the table we proceed by rolling out the dough (rolling pin and machine), showing you various shapes but mainly making ravioli and tortelli which you will taste with butter from Valtellina and sage from my garden.

Occasionally - and only if the group agrees - tiramisu is made instead of carbonara .

This is the "basic" course which is held almost every day (14 people max), but you can opt for private courses, at home or in spaces to accommodate large groups, choosing the menu according to your wishes.

I also propose a trip to the neighborhood market with tasting of regional products, purchase of ingredients that we will then use at home to cook the desired dishes together

Days available for market tour:

  • Milan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

  • Lierna Monday Wednesday Thursday

Duration 5 hours

Fresh pasta
pasta alluovo.jpg

With egg (tagliatelle, pappardelle, lasagna, garganelli ...) and with stuffed pasta (tortelli, ravioli, casoncelli ....):


A nice lesson that explains how to make and roll a beautiful pastry, give life to the best creations of Italian cuisine and learn all the secrets of flour (wholewheat, semolina...) and natural dyes to give an extra touch to one of the simplest creations of our kitchen

Durum Wheat Semolina
grano duro.jpg
  • Orecchiette

  • Cavatelli

  • Gnocchetti

  • Maltagliati

  • Trofie.......

Gluten Free Pasta
Gluten Free.jpg
  • Small formats

  • Ravioli

  • Buckwheat

Bread, Pizza and Focaccia
  • Pizza

  • Focaccia genovese

  • Focaccia barese

  • Bread

  • Grissini


Potato or semolina, spinach or pumpkin .... and why not add one of the "gems" of Piedmontese cuisine: sweet semolina?

Classic Sweets

First of all the tiramisu, but also the creme caramel, the shortcrust pastry, the panna cotta and - why not: the handmade ladyfingers that are the basis of the perfect tiramisu!

Perfect Lasagna

Fresh egg pasta, the traditional Bolognese sauce, béchamel ... and all its variations: pesto, artichokes.

The Real Risotto Alla Milanese
risotto milanese.jpg

The one made with meat broth and marrow, accompanied by ossobuco in gremolada

Sauces from North to South
nord sud 2.jpg

Or how to make a great pasta: Bolognese sauce, carbonara, amatriciana, pesto and pasta alla Norma

Courses For Singles
corsi singlr.jpg

The way to the heart is through the throat!

Let's learn simple tricks and recipes to impress .... guaranteed to be a success!

Themed Courses
Market Tour

Pumpkin, rice, porcini mushrooms, citrus fruits, fried foods, pates ... and many others according to requests and needs

Food Sensitivity

For those who have to learn a new way of cooking avoiding ingredients that "disturb" without losing taste and joy (lactose, nickel, gluten ...)

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