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Do you want to enjoy a lunch or dinner with your friends without having to worry about the food on the stove to mix, follow and serve? Here I am! I'll take care of it while you enjoy the company.


Fresh food that comes out of the kitchen according to a schedule established with you to make you enjoy every moment of your reception.


And don't forget that if you want more fun we can organize a small cooking class with your guests and then offer - for example - a plate of tagliatelle made by them!


You just have to contact me and make a wish:

together we will try to make it happen.

Some ideas?

- Milanese cuisine (mondeghili with green sauce and saffron risotto with ossobuco in gremolada)

- Lombard cuisine (pumpkin flan on taleggio cream, stew with polenta or braised with potatoes)

- sea fish (4 delicious appetizers and a first course including linguine with clams or fish ravioli with almond pesto)

- vegetables because you can create tasty and fun recipes

- freshwater fish (from the wonderful shores of Lake Como risotto with perch and misultit with polenta)

- polenta

- the cassoeula

and much more

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