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Because we don't cook just to eat

Cooking is certainly a search for combinations and flavours, but also sharing, fun, hospitality and care: a gift we give to our guests!

Recipes of Italian cuisine, cooking courses, personal chef, home restaurant, birthdays and "special" corporate events.

Traditional recipes.

Special attention to those with food sensitivities.

Events, lunches, dinners, parties.... in two splendid locations: an apartment above the rooftops of Milan or a house with a garden overlooking the magnificent Lake Como.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (E. Roosevelt)

Cooking classes have always been a moment of meeting and chatting while learning new recipes.


Lessons in


Family or friends have always come together to be together and share emotions ...

A terrace above the roofs of Milan or a house surrounded by greenery with a view of Lake Como!


Latest Recipes

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Preparing Food


Anna was a fantastic host and cooking instructor. She wanted to make sure we felt welcome and really understood the pasta dough, the sauces, the cheeses and the real feel of Italian cuisine. We made ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle and some ricotta and spinach filling and it all turned out amazing. I can't wait to make pasta at home (and purchase the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid) and send Anna some photos!

Preparing Food


The best cooking class I've ever been to. Anna hosted us at her house overlooking the lake. We prepared bruschetta, pasta, ravioli and tiramisu. We had unlimited wine and had a great time. Her adorable dogs were a huge plus. She picked us up at the train station and made us feel like we were at home the whole time. A thousand thanks!!!

Preparing Food


EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Great time spent with Annamaria, friendly and warm! During this Italian cooking class Annamaria showed and taught us how to prepare different styles of pasta, real carbonara and ravioli!!! We tasted all this accompanied by the Italian wine selected by Annamaria! Truly fantastic experience! To be done without hesitation

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